M: Do you love me?

F: Yes I do.

M: Prove it.

F: Isn’t that enough that I’m telling you with all my heart that I love you?

M: Anyone can say it… but doesn’t necessarily prove it.

F: So how am I supposed to prove that I love you?

M: Be mine.

F: I am yours.

M: No… I want you… I want all of you…

F: I thought we’ve talked about this before? And you said you understand and that you would wait for me. You said you would wait for the right time.

M: Yes I did… but I’m bored of waiting… I want to wait for you… but my hormonal situation can’t wait…

F: What do you mean?

M: Baby I want you so much… and it hurts me seeing the one I love so much and not having her… do you want me to do it to others?

F: Are you crazy??? NO!

M: Baby you just can’t understand… I’m a man… I have needs… I’m just being totally honest with you.

F: Then marry me…

M: I said I will…

F: Marry me first, before anything else. When we’re married… then you can have all of me.

M: Is marriage really important just to prove that I’m going to be with you always?

F: Yes.

M: My parents separated… marriage doesn’t prove anything.

F: Well, my parents proved it otherwise.

M: Baby… why can’t you understand me? You’re so selfish; you’re only thinking of yourself… how about me? Do you really care for me at all?

F: What are you going to lose if you can’t have me? Your only problem is waiting… can’t you even sacrifice that for me? If I am going to give myself to you… that’s all I ever have… once you ruin my innocence it can never be restored… I’ll lose a big deal… are you really gonna ask that from me just to satisfy your hormonal needs?

M: Baby it’s not a big deal… you’re my girlfriend and you’re supposed to take care of my needs…

F: But it is a big deal for me! Can’t you at least respect that? You know what… you’re just so used of getting what you want… you had all the girls you wanted… but I thought you said I’m different from all those girls? If you’re going to have me before giving your bows of fidelity and commitment… what differs me from them?

M: You are baby… that’s why I said I’m going to wait for you… okay, let’s just stop this conversation…

F: Look… if you want to do it with others… then go ahead… we’re through…

M: Hey… So what if I did? It would just be sex.

F: Right, do you think I would adhere to that idea? How about those poor girls you would just be using then? What if they’ll hope after your empty words?

M: They wouldn’t hope anything…

F: That’s what you think… I’m a woman. I should know. Anyway, I’m not stopping you… but don’t expect there would still be us.

M: You’re not fair!

F: I am being fair… for everyone. Especially, to those girls you’re going to fool around with. I’m being fair to myself as well, as I don’t want to condone to such an abhorrible idea. And I don’t want to suffer the pain of knowing you having someone else… and of course, I’m being fair to you as I’m giving you the freedom to satisfy your hormonal needs.

M: I can’t believe we’re having this kind of conversation…

F: You started it… I thought we are going to marry… but sorry I can’t approve of this bullshit. So what if we were already married? If you’re acting like this before we are even tied for life… how much more if we were?

M: Of course I wouldn’t do such if we are already married…

F: Oh really? If you can’t be trusted in small things, then you can’t be trusted in bigger ones… What if along our marriage I can’t satisfy all your needs… is this how you are going to escape? If you can’t control yourself now, will you in our marriage?

M: Yes. Coz I have you that time. I promise that I wouldn’t cheat. Ok baby, let’s just stop this okay? I love you. I will not do it.

F: ….

M: Hey…

F: Do you really love me?

M: Yes, of course I do. I said it many times.


God Bless!

Hannah Linao