Act like A Princess and the Prince will be attracted to you.

In this generation, since the days are getting evil.

Many of young women and men was get into wrong relationship.

We all know that God created love to have a right and perfect relationship.

But my heart is crying realizing that young mothers are getting bigger in number.

Living my life without God,Ā  is really really a NIGHTMARE!

Seeing my life living without a purpose is like a paper boat floating in the sea.

Friends, if you want to marry perfect 10, prepare yourself and be perfect first.

Let’s all wait for God’s right timing.

And we will let God, WRITE our OWN Love STORY in life.

Remember this:

“The Lord LONGS for our Happiness and He longs to have a Happy Ending in our Marriage life.

Be Pure.

Be Loved.


God reward HIS faithful servants.

Wait for HIM and him. šŸ˜‰

Hannah Quilos Linao