Song of Solomon 8:4 ” Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires. ”

I want to inform everyone that my heart is at peace and i’m now in the level of knowing myself better.

The word of God let me see who am i really and exposing the real me.


I thank God for using my mama Bing in teaching me how to become firm on what i believe in in terms of Love.

I thank God for using my mama Indai for showing me how to pray continually for my right partner no matter what.

I thank God for using my sisters of giving me words to hold on and make myself pure.

I thank God for using my Bestding in guiding me on what path to take and how to preserve oneself.


Though sometimes i correct myself to stop being “dasig” but somehow it will inspire you to grow and increase.

Because while WAITING I will Serve HIM all the more!


Hannah Quilos Linao