November 4, 2011 (Thursday)

Way back 2007, I longed to have my open cell and my twelve. Without knowing the How, Why, What, When and Who.

I gave my time, effort,  money para lang mamunga. But walang nangyari, I’m not saying na everything was in vain, NO! It’s all worth it. Isa lang na discover ko, na nagkulang ako, at iyon ay “PAGMAMAHAL“.

Looking for them is not easy specially when you walk ALONE. It’s really TIRING and DISAPPOINTING. Ugggrrr!!! But when i told God, “I can’t do this on my own, I need you”. That’s the time na i died to myself, (don’t get me wrong readers) LOL when i started to walk with God, everything was smooth and worth it, I enjoyed being with Him! In times im down and left behind by my open cells, He was there! Right There! standing and telling me, “Dali palangga bi, tagaan taka ug gakos!” That was WOW experience! 

And since then on, i always go back where i’ve started, from His Love, from His Cross, remembering all what He has done for my life.

And now, having my twelve, naa pa sa future ang dalawa. 😉 I always thank God for their lives.

I am nothing without HIM! All Glory and Praises belongs to HIM!

My Twelve: The only CRY of my heart!!! 

Aunes Jane ♥ Kyla ♥ Joevy ♥ Whayinlee ♥ Jasmin

Junnadith ♥ Charlotte ♥ Marjorie ♥ Hazel ♥ Glenn

Thank you for reading!

Hannah Quilos Linao