Aunes ‎(Responsible)

This girl is amazing! All of the “patawa” things comes from her, and who have thought that  from Torres girl now a servant and disciple of God. I really love the way she behaves! no one compares!

Kyla  ‎(Obedient)

Peepz, this girl rocks! She got my dancing skills and OMG she moves like an angel! I love this girl because she appreciates and desiring for more! Whenever i challenged her, she takes it seriously!

Glenny (Teachable)

Whoahh! I respect this girl sooo much! I love the way she texted me and i love the way she express her love for me, and for her sisters. Looking forward for more bondings with her.

Whayinlee  ‎(Pure Heart)

This is the most quiet among all.. I know that her heart is with me and with her sisters. This girl won’t let me down, ever! I appreciate everything she gave me, and she valued this family!

Joevy (Transparent)

This girl is incredible! She makes other’s laugh, even she had her own burden, you will never ever seen her doing nothing. Very alert and very thoughtful.

Jazz ‎(Sweet)

“Daming” when other people call her. But for me, she’s Jazz! You can’t see her always, but when she blooms like a flower, you will be pleased. Her beauty and character pleases me. That’s my girl!

Mar-Mar (Humble)

I love the way she hate sin! I love the way she fight sin! She’s totally a fighter! I know her heart’s desire, to LOVE and to be LOVED! For her to know, and for everyone to know,  I just can’t stop loving this girl! She’s so precious!

To be continued..