Well.. A life of being single every Valentines day is not kawawa noh!!!

For me it’s always the best time to date my Lord and my family!

For almost 4 years now, i never dreamed of flowers, chocolates and even love letters to received every Valentines Day. Unlike before, super “ambisyosa” talaga ako. That someday, someone will gonna ask a date for me, a place that is so romantic, with flowers, chocolates, balloons, dinner with candle light. A place where i can be with my partner.

But at my age now, I can say that it’s not yet my time. Or shall i say, My time is not yet come. (parehas lang yun dba?) ^_^

I am amazed how God made my Valentines Day so romantic.  You wanna know why? Really???? Okay, here we go…………

Seeing my dad and mom together, seeing my family whole, seeing my sisters and niece in good health, seeing my God enjoying moving,undone with my family, seeing myself in a good condition, Being with them all, it’s all WORTH it!

What can i ask for?


On Valentines Day Febrauary 14, 2012 Tuesday. Me, mama, papa, ate 88 and Iyah went to McDonald’s just to meet there. While iyah was playing and playing, while ate 88 were busy watching iyah playing, while mom and I waiting for papa, we enjoyed talking, laughing and be together!

Kulang lang c ate Hiedi… 😦 Our eldest sister, She so special to us, but unfortunately she’s at Manila working and saving. 🙂

When we came home we enjoyed the Vanilla Ice cream and the Durian fruit na bili ni papa. (pero ssshhhhh… hati kami sa bayad (^_^)

The End.. heheh

Though na missed ko ang close cell nung time na ito, still my heart is with them.

Looking forward for more Valentines day na kasama ang Warrior’s Princesses Family ko.. 🙂

And to my ehemmmm…

I will Patiently Waiting for you!


Hannah ♥♥♥