Today, I just want to introduce to you my beloved client. Heather and Chef Todd Mohr, has a business that really helps people to cook without using recipe but only cooking methods.


This couple mean so much to me as I work as Virtual Assistant and Internet Marketer to their business. They treat me not only as their worker but as a friend whose there when no one understands me. This couple has blessed my life so much even I started working in 123 Employee. They taught me how to become matured enough to handle customer service and become responsible to do the tasks.


I am so blessed also the way they loved each other, it was unconditional! Looking at their pictures in Facebook, makes me laugh and enjoy. ( The feeling was, It’s like… I was there with them every time they travel around the world.)


They changed me from “good” to “better” and soon it will be “best”!


God Bless!