Part 1 – Going to Kaputian Resort

While waiting for Rhea, I took a video. As you can see we are all excited to be there in our destination. We are all hoping that these 2 days team building will make us more united with one vision, one mind and one heart.

Part 2 – Patiently waiting for Rhea 

(Rhea na walang malay) nasaan kba talaga?

Part 3 – Amazed by the bythe NATURE!

It’s my first to ride a “lantsa”.
While doing this video silently, I noticed Charmie at my back. Hmmm Is she angry with me?
What do you think? 😛

Part 4 – Arrival 

Finall, we are all here at kaputian Beach Resort!
And I love the view!!!.
My officemates are now getting our things, and so I must help them too!
Weeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! This is so exciting!

Part 5 – Luch Time!

After we get there, right away we prepare our Lunch.
(Lechon Mnok and rice) at 1:30pm
No one could ever replace the joy in our hearts this time!
Eat together and Laugh together!

Part 6 – Rest Time 


We were enjoying eating and we were amazed by their sand and their blue sea.
Picture Taking Time!

Part 7 – Cooking Time

This time we are preparing our Dinner.
We all worked together, helping one another to be done.
All I can say is that, “It would be easy and quick if people will work as ONE”

Part 8 – Souvenir Making

Today is the 2nd day of our Team Building, and we are making our Souvenirs!
We also prepare one for Miss LJ  🙂
We really had fun! whew!

Part 9 – video shoot Charmie

Charmie is practicing her script for a short testimonial for Peter Wolfing, her client.
And we, are actually helping her out to make it perfect. 😉

 Part 10 – Video Shoot Charmie

Part 2 of our video shoot!
Behind the scene.

Part 11 – video shoot 3 (maya and hana)

We were giving Charmie an example on how to deliver her testimonial.
Hanep! heheh

Part 12 – Going home

It’s over and I hate to say good bye to Kaputian. 😦

But will surely go back there.
Thank you 123 Employee for giving us a chance to have our Team building!
We’re hoping for next month AGAIN! hahahahahaha

Some of our Pictures 




 God Bless us all!

The End