“Young princess, when you get your wedding ring, your man is saying shes my queen.”

Looks expensive?

Yes, It is really expensive!

Because when you love someone, you will give what’s the best and what is expensive, because its cost never counts.

My heart right now keeps on saying “love dove – love dove”.

Honestly, I know that I am not yet in the right age to get married or even think about marriage but fortunately, I am totally excited for that moment to come to the point that I CAN WAIT. 😉

When I was in High School I always think of wedding ring that’s why, I always bought a ring (though it’s fake) just to trick people that I am married. Because before even today I look like a woman and not a girl.

I know God is busy writing my Love Story and I know He is not yet done writing it. That’s why, I will never ever get the pen from HIS hand that will cause me to wrong marriage.

This ring in my hand is a sign of my PURITY.

And this will ONLY be given to my one and only dream guy that God has prepared for me.

Still, my best gift to my husband is not yet broken and will always be preserved until he comes, until God will noticed that it is not good that I am alone and I need someone to help me out with my ministry.

I am preserved and will always be, since I encountered God!

God Bless Everyone!