1058174_518946441493164_484312631_oIt’s been so challenging to be your MOM spiritually!

You taught me so many things!


Being honest to what I feel.

To be strict if I need to.

To be myself and pick up my confidence!

As always you are always my extra hand, when I’m busy!

Thank you for taking good care of your sisters whenever I’m out.

Your tears always makes me feel that you need me!

Thanks for depending on me, for letting me use the role of a mother biologically and spiritually!

It’s always been my hearts desire, to see you happy! And that happiness will be fulfilled if my prayers for you will come true. You wanna know my prayer?……

My prayer for you is, that God will send you the most precious gift you’ve always wanted.. and that is your MAMA. ;(

Keep on praying and keep on digging!

You are one of my best ACHIEVEMENT in life!

There is a purpose in everything and everyone that comes into your life. Whatever experiencesfall your way, strive to find the purpose behind them. Find the space in your heart and mind to learn a new lesson from every purpose. If you find yourself close to failing at what you started out to do, don’t hesitate to ask for help around you.

Be bold, be brave and believe in the power of your dreams – the dreams that shine in your lovely eyes like stars will illuminate your way.

You’re always be my daughter TEFF! 😀

Here’s a short video for you!