20 Things About Me
1.I have gone through many ups and Downs,twists and turns,and life is not always giving me roses yet Serving the Lord is really the desire of my heart.

2.At the mere age of 23. I am already a mother of two sons. They are so precious to me ,they really make me laugh…they surely can make my day.They are more than a blessing to me.

3.I wanna be Mrs. Jennilyn Matsunaga..Awww Lopez diay. Peace Brad!

4. One of my life passions – READING. This is like something I can do all day.I always tend to buy books as my ” PAY YOURSELF FIRST”.One of the best gifts I would love to receive during CHRISTmas or my birthday is Book (Christian or Leadership Books ).

5.I love to create my own world too- By Writing.I love to write poems,articles and even writing my own daily Diary. The First Poem I wrote when I was in High School was entitled ” Why Cinderella Can’t Be With Snow White”. I do tend to write if I am doing nothing, I do something different and I often find that if I’m getting bored. That’s the reason all my email accounts has a lot of saved folders and messages on Draft folder.

6. My classmates,friends, close friends in school and even my best of friends calls me “Walking Dictionary ” and I like that bother than my nickname.(Sa una tong student pako,hehehe).

7.Yes my Nickname is Lovely or Love2..hhahaha but I do not want to be called by my nickname (especially boys ).If I will hear them saying “Hi love” ..ughhh..they are really getting into my nerves pero sa una lng toh karon dawat na nku akung nickname. heheheh

8.I have surrended my life to Jesus when I was in grade school (to be exact- Grade 6 )my mama was diagnosed with Mattress cancer and gone through surgeries.Just one night I was having hard time going to sleep so I kneeled down and prayed the whole night. I could still remember the prayers I heartily uttered ” LOrd, wla ko kabalo kung tinood ka,nagaadto ko sa Church for the sake na makasimba ko .Pero This time, Heal my mama and I will be thankful and offer my life”. That was the very first time I have felt the Holy Spirit and His Presence. So Sweet of You Lord and for that I cannot afford not to believe in YOU.

9.I was so unforgiving I can even afford not to talk to you for years til I have encountered the Lord.I still forgives even I don’t feel like forgiving.I always teach myself.

10. I am INDEPENDENT! Aside from the Lord, I do not expect someone else to support me.

11.I was then a man Hater ,, I don’t make friends with them, I never talk to them ,I dont bother to have even a cliche conversation with them (Mao nang NBSB ko dati).Til One day I have joined “The God Encounter” and made me Realize that everyone is precious in His Eyes.

12. And Yes! It’s my first time so please be careful with my heart Ser Chef.hahahaha

13. I love it when people judge negatively especially when they find out that they were wrong.

14. I always Sleep with 3 Boys . Roy Michael Laurente Lopez, and our sons baby Hazael Brooke Lopez and Izrahael Ford Lopez. I love them!

15. If I have something to say or something isn’t right I will only feel better If I will air out my gripe or grievances and be frank (Either in person, through email or letter).I do not care if that person will feel bad or what would be the result afterwards.If I want people to treat me right I always tell them what is right.

16. I can’t sleep if I am preoccupied, unsure or if there are undone tasks. I want everything to be exact and accurate.

17. I do not find myself as an Employee. I wanted to have my own business. (businesswoman in the making)

18. I feel so stagnant if I am doing nothing.

19. I am Family Oriented. I won’t trade them for anything in this world .They are the reason why I am here, the reason I will serve and everything.I also Value Friendship.

20. I must confess, Lord I have been so blessed.I am loved, highly Favored,Forgiven, Accepted,Healed,Leader,HIS princess and a FULFILLED Promise.
I am what I am!