All I need is to see my family changing, Healed, serving God and Loving God!

And TODAY… we just experience extreme GOODNESS of God!

We just got home from Bansalan..
Abrupt family reunion bcoz of my died aunt. (aunt bebe)

Praise Jesus!
Jesus just HEALED 4 of our relatives from there.
1. leukemia (Uncle Ontoy)
He can’t walk that much, and he needs an assistant at least 3 men just to send him to sala kanina.
~~~after we prayed for him, he walked, he jumped, and raised his hands praising God. He even went outside walking without any help from us!

2. Heart failure (Uncle Dodoy)
after Jesus healed him..
He felt relax and easy and confident after we prayed for him.
He took a deep breath to try it out.

3. Leukemia sa Blood (Krissa Jay) 6 yrs old
The last time I saw her and prayed for her (that was last year), she wasn’t able to walk, jump or even play, and with consistent HIGH fever.
But now, I saw her kinda chubby, can walk, can jump, can even play with her friends! pero naa pa ghapon sya leukemia..
so after we prayed…
She’s now healed in Jesus name!
We asked them all (3) to go for their next check up for God’s glory!

4. Uncle Yoyo (one of the oldest relatives we have sa side nila mama)
He can’t hear that much.. and when tito bong prayed for him tito tried right away to whisper sa iyang ears, and then…… dadadadanndadadan!
Ana si yoyo, “oh kana bong kadungug nako ana”

Signs, Miracles and Wonders FOLLOW US!
To God be the glory!


My mommy ching, tito randy and tita rhea and cousins Jay, Jed, Renn and Yin was there and testified

how God moved!

The only Goal we (tito bong and family) wanted was tito randy and family and momy ching’s family

will also be serving the Lord and loving HIM!

And I do believe that TODAY is the day that God is moving in them.

~It’s their first time to see something like that, that Christians normally see.

~They only saw it on TV and other places but right in their own eyes, they saw and believed in it

that it is God’s movement and not just human capacity. INDEED, He is Magnificent, Omnipotent and Powerful!
~I believe Lord, you are changing their hearts towards you, I believe that YOU did something inside of them,

~I believe that this is the starting point.

~I believe that it is NEVER NEVER an IMPOSSIBLE thing for YOU, if you’re going to

transform them for glory to glory.

It was a FUN-FAM DAY for me!