Working for our family is one of the main reason why we work so hard. Endless nights and countless days just to provide shelter, food, and other basic needs for our family. However if there are bigger opportunities overseas you will grab the chance to work outside the country so that you can give all their needs and wants. Long distance relationship will be at stake. Miles maybe apart but there are a lot of ways on how to make your relationship last longer. Love wins and love is a decision.


There will be trials and bumps along the way that is just one way on how to prove to each other that you really decided to remain faithful and loyal to each other love each other as vow on your wedding.


  1. Communication

Thanks to the technology that brings family closer to each other even they are miles away. Remind your spouse that you are blessed to have him as a husband he is the biggest surprise that God have given to you. Working spouse needs a lot of comfort from their wives because they battle loneliness in their job it is not an easy job to be away from your away so always text them and call them to let them know that you are praying for their safety.


  1. Remind your spouse that it is just temporary

There is no easy way to ease the pain whenever you are left alone in the house to take good care of your children. You are going to be the father-mother to your children. However you do not have to feel sad and anxious about it just remind your spouse that this is just temporary and everything will be alright as soon as you can save money and decided that your spouse will stay in your country for good. The bigger the sacrifice the bigger the reward.


  1. Hold on to your vow

Long distance relationship is about compromising each other difference especially that you are miles away from each other. It takes time, effort, and unconditional love to do it.